Empyrion, We’re live! Let’s carpe diem this thing.


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Empyrion Kickstarter2

Empyrion is now live

Thank you for your support, we ask it once more

Empyrion’s Kickstarter is now live and taking backer pledges.  We made an easy to share URL for the campaign, http://SunnyParasite.com, please take a look and support us once again by backing it.  All backs help and even is you can only back with $1 that is a huge help to getting our backer numbers up which is very important to how Kickstarter positions us in the search.

The direct link to the Kickstart is:

Over the coming days and weeks there will be updates posted on the Kickstarter page as well as on our website http://SunnyParasiteGames.com.

We look forward to completing this Kickstarter and manufacturing Empyrion.  It’s been a long road but hopefully we’re at the end.  Once again I ask for your support and to share this with anyone you can.

Thank You,
-Michael Wayland

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