Happy New Year, 2015 Here We Come!


Jan 6, 2015 0 Comments

Happy new year everyone, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. This year looks to be a big year for Sunny Parasite Games, this will be the year to mark our first Kickstarter and hopefully first successful crowd funding which will lead to our first production and shipped title! We are very excited to get the year off to a big bang with the launch of our Empyrion Kickstarter project.

Over my holiday I was able to play several games with my family and introduce some new games to people. As often happens in our large get togethers now, everyone wanted to play Cards Against Humanity. I sat through 3 games of CAH in which we went through every black card in the box in each playthrough. Also I got to play one of my new favorite quick games, Coup which we had a great time playing, and we tried out Lords of Waterdeep for the first time, I think I’ll like it but will need another couple playthroughs to get the rhythm of the game, and of course the old family classic, Texas 42. In addition I got to playtest some new cards for Empyrion. Since some of our stretch goals are additional citizen cards and I have a half dozen or so in my notes I’ve been working on I wanted to get some games played with them and test how they work in the current ecosystem, I got some good notes and think with some more playtesting we can be ready for production.

Speaking of the Empyrion Kickstarter, I wanted to end with a brief message and some shameless begging. Since I started playtesting and demoing Empyrion with people outside my inner circle, nearly everyone who has played it has loved and wanted to purchase a copy. Which is why when Empyrion’s Kickstarter launches the first 72 hours are crucial; by getting an initial surge of backers we have better odds at becoming a staff pick, a staff pick gets priority placement when someone is browsing Kickstarter campaigns. Therefore, getting 100 early backers, regardless of the $$$ amount, during that crucial 72 hours, greatly increases the chance the project will succeed and overfund. Which now brings us to that shameless begging I mentioned, even if you do not plan on preordering the game, pledging $1 will increase our backer levels so we can meet that important 100 backer threshold.

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