Kickstarter Day 2 Update


Jan 11, 2015 0 Comments

Hey backers – I want to thank you again for your awesome support!  We’ve just finished day 2, and we’re 15% of the way there in 48 hours.  Also our day 2 numbers were very close to day 1 so there wasn’t much drop-off – thanks for sharing and telling other people about the project and lets keep it up!

Yesterday I was asked by a few people about multiple orders and what they should do if they want 2 or 3 copies.  That was an oversight which I’m going to correct today in the project text.  If you’ve already backed and would like to receive a 2nd copy simply add $25 for each additional copy you want to your backing amount – there will be no additional shipping charges, and we’ll send them to you together.

I also wanted to share with you today some pictures of the tier rewards.  This was the art we used to print our test poster:

I have to say I was really impressed, and the final product was better than I had hoped for.  It is very good quality, feels nearly impossible to accidentally rip, the picture printed out perfectly, and Tom Li’s art style made an amazing poster.  The posters are only an additional $20 to add to your order, and the backers will be voting on which 3 are produced.  So if you like the artwork like we do, you’ll want to show it off.

For a something a little higher quality that you can show off in your game room we have canvas prints of the artwork:

This is a picture of the tester we had made (I’m a stickler for quality, if I wouldn’t be proud to have it in my home I wouldn’t want to give it to you).  My camera phone didn’t take the best quality picture, and it looks a little washed out here. But in person  it has very good color depth and great lines, the print didn’t bleed over, and I’ll be hanging this one personally in my game room!  For anyone who gets the canvas they can choose any of the artwork available so they can be sure to get the one they want.

If you have any ideas, or if there’s something you’d like to see as a tier reward or add-on, let us know.  Or if you have any comments/complaints/observations, we are all ears.  We want to work with our backers and create a community – we want what you want.

I’m glad everyone has been so kind in the backing, and we’re just getting started. Please help us make this project a success!  If you can, please tell your friends, family, and fellow gamers to take a look at the project. Also creating social media posts it helps us out a lot with placement on Kickstarter and other sites. We want Empyrion to be the best it can be for our backers and need your help to make it happen!

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