By H. Michael Wayland

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You are the leader of a dystopian city-state  faction, lead your group as you vie for influence, construct buildings, recruit specialized citizens, and manipulate your rivals in this thematic deck building card game.

2-5 players ages 8 & up ● ~30 minutes


card citizen extremist

The world is not as it once was.  After years of tension between the mega corporations and corrupt bureaucrats, civilization is made up of vast independent city-states.  These megalopolises have little sympathy for the weak, toiling masses that make it up. Humanity toils away with little hope of reprieve except the rest that comes with death.  For the majority of this city, your city, there is only existence. But this is of no concern to you. Empyrion, your City-State, is led by an assemblage of factions arranged in a strict caste system.  The head of the factions vie with each other for rule over the Empyrion council. The head faction designated the Grand Scion may rule Empyrion with near absolution, yet must always be wary for there are always those who find power enticing.

You are the leader of one of Empyrion’s ruling classes, a Scion of the state.  The current Grand Scion, and his ruling faction, have grown fat and ignorant in their affluence.  This indulgence is weakness, an opportunity a shrewd Scion would be able to turn into advantage. You are not the only one to have seen it; the other castes have noticed, so make certain you are swift to act. Through cunning and intrigue, and perhaps even diplomacy, navigate the unforgiving political realities of this new world to position your faction as the next ruling class.  Only one may be the Grand Scion of Empyrion; make sure it is you.

card citizen etertainerObject of the Game

In Empyrion you are the leader of one of the ruling city-state factions.  These factions have long been in a cold war amongst each other jockeying for reputation and influence among the people.  Influence is power, as leader you must compete against your rival Scions. Gathering and steal resources, shore up your faction by recruiting specialized citizens and use their unique talents to suit your needs, or building unique buildings which confer long lasting and expansive powers.  Focus on building, or blocking your opponents building as you vie to gain enough influence points to claim the title of Grand Scion and ruler over all of Empyrion.

The first player to 10 Influence Points gains control as the lead faction and wins the game, if anyone can win in a place such as this.

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